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Centering prayer aims to connect with God through silent contemplation. This form of prayer is based on the practices of contemplative monks, such as the Trappist monk Thomas Merton, who used non-rational meditation in order to be reminded of the mystical presence of God. Those who pray in this manner sometimes choose a sacred word that assists in being open to God’s divine presence within.

Taize prayer began in the city of Taize, France by a community of monks during World War II.  This is an ecumenical form or prayer that incorporates chanting, praise and intercession, and periods of silence.  The format can evoke a deep connection to God. Parishioners come to pray in this form in or order to achieve a different experience of spiritual connection than is sometimes possible in solitary prayer.

Morning Prayer is known as the “Prayer of the Church” or “Liturgy of the Hours”. These times of prayer are meant to remind us of the presence of God throughout the day, and call us to place ourselves in the presence of God. Morning Prayer during the Triduum is prayed communally. It consists of psalms from the Hebrew Scriptures and readings from the Scripture,s as well as intercessions for the universal church.