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The Finance Council has the authority to investigate, review and evaluate spending projects impacting the Parish, as well as programs that generate financial support. Responsibilities include oversight of capital expenses, overhead and discretionary spending for the year and future years.

Members of the Finance Council discuss spending projects, allocate funds, provide advice and tracking of ongoing projects, communicate the status of the budget to the Pastor and to the congregation, and produce reports that can be used by the Pastoral staff and members of the Leadership team.

The members of the Finance Council are:

  • Deacon Art
  • Lee Galvez (Chair)
  • Carolina Posada 
  • John Affisco
  • Dennis Amato
  • Mike Barry
  • Bob Bonnie
  • Maria Carpinelli
  • Joe Duarte
  • Lee Galvez 
  • Joe Messina

If you are interested in volunteering for this ministry contact Lee Galvez at 516-883-1666.