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Under the supervision of Sister Kathy Somerville, Parish Outreach, under the umbrella of Catholic Charities, began at Fatima in 1981 mainly to deliver direct services to the people who lived in the Manorhaven area. One of the basic thrusts of Parish Social Ministry is to convene others to address the issues of suffering and injustice.  Parish Social Ministry aims to bring people together to work for the greater good.  At Outreach we minister and offer support to anyone of any religious denomination or affiliation in our desire to put the Gospel call to love our neighbor by engaging in “concrete deeds of justice and service” into action.  As a primary advocate for those in need, particularly the most vulnerable and those without a voice, Parish Outreach assesses and meets the specific needs of our community members.  A continued focus on positive outcomes, and the ability to adapt, as needs change, is an important Hallmark of Outreach.

We are blessed at Fatima to see the union of community through the unwavering backing and encouragement that we receive from Port Washington residents.   Our many services would never be brought to fruition without the support of the churches, synagogues, schools, hospitals and civic groups in our community.  It is because of this generosity that our continuously growing client base of 83 families is able to be served.  Charitable donations from the community allow these families  to benefit from the myriad of  services that we offer including, but not limited to, Advocacy (Medicaid, Food Stamps, Public Assistance), Food Pantry, Emergency Financial Assistance, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and School Supply Assistance, Clothing, Summer Camp, Manorhaven Pool Memberships,  ESL, Counseling and Caring Hands (bringing cards and meals to the homebound elderly).

There are numerous ways that you can support OLF Outreach.  Throughout the year we are always in need of monetary donations in order to help with stocking our food pantry and to help with financial assistance in emergency situations.  We are happy to take donations of non-perishable food items and many organizations opt to do food drives in order to help our pantry.  At Thanksgiving we accept donations to help provide food for our clients to prepare their own Thanksgiving feasts.  For Christmas we have an expansive adopt a family program that provides our clients with an abundance of gifts and helps to make their Christmas a joyous occasion.  Many people and organizations enjoy contributing to the many programs that we already provide but we are also interested in ideas from within our community.